What is a student or trainee work visa?

A New Zealand Work Visa for Student and Trainee Instructions can be applied for under 3 definitive situations. Each of the 3 circumstances where the work visa will be considered has different regulations that accompany it.

What is a study to work visa?

Many students who have entered New Zealand then wish to stay on and work. There two options under the New Zealand Study to Work Visa category of temporary work visa:

1. If you do not have a job offer but wish to stay and work in New Zealand
In this instance you would need to apply for a post study open work visa. This provides you with a 12 month post study work permit which is not specific to an employer. Should you subsequently be offered a suitable position you can then apply for a 2 or 3 year employer assisted work visa.

2. If you have a job offer from a New Zealand employer that you wish to take up
In this instance you would need to apply for post study employer assisted work visa. This can be for a 2 year period of time and extended to 3 when working towards a membership or registration that requires more than 2 years of work experience.

Can I study anywhere on a New Zealand Student visa?

All major education providers are registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), it is a requirement for a student visa that the education provider you intend to study with is registered with them.

Must every foreigner have a New Zealand student visa if they wish to study?

Not all foreign students require a student visa, below we take you through the situations where a student visa is not required.

* Citizens of Australia
* If you hold a New Zealand residence class visa
* Mostly where you hold a current Australian permanent residence visa including a current Australian resident return visa.
* If you are undertaking a course of less than 3 calendar months.
* Study is permitted for up to 3 months in any 12 month period where you hold a temporary visa that is valid for 24 months or more.
* For school age visitor visa holder’s attendance at a primary, intermediate, or secondary school for a single period of study of up to three months per calendar year is permitted. Note the study must finishes within the calendar year and also that school-age visitor visa holders may not study in term one of a school year if they attended a school in term 4 of the previous year whilst on a visitor’s visa.
* If you are on a Working Holiday Schemes you are able to undertake one or more courses of study as long as the total duration of all of the courses does not exceed three or six months depending on the scheme.

How long will a New Zealand study visa be granted for?

The maximum period of time you can stay in New Zealand and study is 4 years. The period of time that a student visa will be granted for depends upon various factors.
* Your student visa is normally the same length as the tuition you have paid for if you are a full fee paying student.
* If your course is with an education provider that Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has a Memorandum of Understanding with, applications are considered for the length of course student visa.
* If in receipt of a full scholarship, your student visa is normally valid for the period of your scholarship, up to a maximum of four years.

Must I study full time on a New Zealand student visa?

Generally you will need to enrol on a full time study course unless you meet all the following exceptions:
* You meet the visitor visa requirements
* Your course is less than 9 months in duration
* You have paid you school fees in full
* Your education provider is approved to accept international students by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.
* It is also possible to study part time if you are in the last semester of a course that will provide you with qualifications that mean you may meet the criteria for a skilled migrant visa.

What are the 3 New Zealand Work Visa for Student and Trainee Instructions?

  1. Student requiring work experience to fulfil their course obligations – where issued the work visa is for the period the work experience is required.
  2. Dental or medical trainees who have a practical element to their course that must be fulfilled. The work visa would be issued for a maximum of 6 months.
  3. Apprentice Jockeys. In this case a New Zealand Work Visa for Student and Trainee Instructions can be issued for up to 4 years.

What are the school terms and hours?

Typically school will commence at 9 am and finish between 3 and 3:30 pm.
The school year is split into four terms commencing in late January through to mid-December. Each term normally ends with a 2 weeks holiday and a 6 week holiday in December.
* Term 1: Late January to mid-April
* Term 2: Late April to early July
* Term 3: Mid July to late September
* Term 4: Mid October to mid-December