What is a skilled migrant visa?

The skilled migrant visa refers to an individual who meets a certain set of criteria in terms of their profession, experience, skills and qualifications. In meeting this criteria the applicant is classified as a skilled migrant. The skilled migrant visa also provides you with permanent residency in New Zealand.

How do you know if you qualify for a skilled migrant visa?

New Zealand offers what is known as a skilled migrant’s visa and judges whether you fit this skilled migrant category by means of a points scoring assessment.

Depending on your points score you will either not qualify for a skilled migrants visa – if you score beneath 100 points; or you will qualify to submit an EOI (expression of interest) for a skilled migrants visa.

What is an expression of interest for a skilled migrant visa?

The expression of interest is the applicant (after being satisfied they meet the criteria) declaring their interest in applying for a skilled migrant visa and submitting initial relevant information to Immigration New Zealand to ascertain whether they may qualify.
The expression of interest contains information relating to:
* Your health
* Your character
* Your age (you must be 55 or under)
* Your English language ability
* The factors that will earn you points on your points based assessment

How does the skilled migrant pool work?

When an expression of interest is accepted, it enters into the skilled migrant visa pool – which are drawn from all expressions of interest that have been submitted. Entry into the visa pool is by achieving a score of in excess of 100 points.

Prior to the selection, Immigration New Zealand decide on a selection point. Those with 140 points are automatically selected. Those expressions of interest scoring in excess of 100 points, but less than 140, are then reviewed. They may also be selected and are further judged against criteria such as job experience in New Zealand, or job offer.

What is an invitation to apply for a skilled migrant visa?

This is an invitation to apply based upon your expression of interest and you are one step closer to a successful immigration. But there is still much work to do…

Please note that your letter of invitation for a skilled migrant visa is not a promise or guarantee of a skilled migrant’s visa. Although your expression of interest may have been scrutinised, it was also took at face value, with no documentary proof.

What is an essential skills work visa?

The New Zealand Essential Skills Work Visa is a temporary work visa, but it can lead to full residency under the work to residency scheme.
It is designed to allow New Zealand employers to recruit workers from overseas for positions that they have been unable to fill with New Zealand labour.