What does good character mean when applying for a skilled migrant visa?

Good character, in this context, applies to the standing of the applicant and any accompanying family. It protects the citizens of New Zealand from being exposed, or suffering from immigrants, who may be for example of a criminal or terrorist nature.
In short applicants must not pose a security threat to New Zealand or New Zealand residents as evidenced by police clearance certificates.

What counts as a partner?

A partnership is represented by a union which is either:
* A legal marriage.
* A civil union.
* A de facto relationship.

What is the difference between permanent residency and residency?

The main difference between the two definitions being one of travel and restrictions that apply.
A residency holder is only granted permission to travel in and out of New Zealand for a certain period of time – normally 24 months. Holders of permanent residency have no such travel restriction imposed on them.

How can you get permanent residency in New Zealand?

To obtain permanent residency you need to meet the following criteria:
• You will need to have held a New Zealand residence visa for 24 month
• You will need to have met any conditions attached to your residency visa.
• You will need to have shown a ‘commitment’ – there are 5 ways you can do this.
• Meet the good character requirements

What does permanent residency in New Zealand allow you to do?

Permanent residency allows holders free travel in and out of New Zealand.Other benefits include:
• A permanent resident may hold and travel on a New Zealand passport.
• May not be deported form New Zealand.
• Is able to stand for public office.
• Benefits from New Zealand consular protection when overseas,
• Can represent New Zealand at international sports.
• Can also live and work in Australia.